Aaron Faust had a promising career as a professional tennis player. But he also had a few issues. Suspended by the ATP for brawling with an opponent, his life has taken a turn for the worse. During a particularly dark period, he encounters Dwayne, an intense and charismatic zealot, who recruits Aaron for Gentlemen’s Fury, an underground tennis league that just might not be strictly about tennis.


        As Aaron soon finds out, all of the players in Gentlemen’s Fury are former ATP players who, for one reason or another, have been excused from the tour. While the pay is nice, the rules turn out to be ambiguous and increasingly deadly. As the film unfolds, Dwayne transforms from savior to pariah while Aaron struggles at first to keep up, then just to stay alive.


Directed by Ben Sharples, Marissa Hall

Written by Ben Sharples, Clint Gardner, Marissa Hall, and Bronson Diallo

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A Gold Door Films Production